Meet the Designer

Hi there! I’m Kat! 
As founder of Katherine Anne Designs, I wear many hats: designer, photographer, illustrator, social media marketer, and business manager. One of the many things I enjoy about my startup is being involved in every single part of the creative process. It brings me so much happiness and gratification to be doing something I truly love!

From a very young age, I knew both fashion and photography would always be a part of my life. Recently, I realized there was an opportunity to merge these two interests into something I am very proud of. With my education and experiences, I decided I couldn’t wait around for the “perfect job” to present itself. I had to create it myself, which led me to this idea of starting my own venture! 

The ability to create something with my own two hands is very satisfying. I design what inspires me, with the hope that every customer enjoys my products as much as I enjoy making them. And, I design to inspire others through my creativity and my work. These things bring me so much joy!

At the beginning of the pandemic, I knew I wanted to contribute in some way that gave back to my local community. It then developed to be an integral part of my business, donating a portion of mask sales to local food banks in my area. 

A special thank you to everyone who has supported and encouraged me along the way on this incredible journey so far! I could not have done this without all the love and support! ❤️